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Hey everyone! My name is Olivia, and welcome to my blog! I’m back today with another song ranking, and I am super excited to listen to TREASURE’s first full album, The First Step: Treasure Effect. I don’t know too much about TREASURE or the members, but this is a group that has definitely piqued my interest. This group debuted in 2020 under YG Entertainment, and I’ve listened to some of their songs like BOY, MMM, and I LOVE YOU. This group has twelve members, so I apologize if I’m not positive about which member is which. Hopefully, I’ll be able to make time to watch their show, Treasure Map, sometime in the near future.

This album contains ten songs excluding remix and different versions of the same song. I’ll be ranking each song starting from my least favorite, and then we’ll work towards my favorite songs of the album. Even though I say we’re starting with my least favorite, I don’t dislike any of the songs in this album as a whole, and this is just my personal opinion.

10. Be With Me

Be With Me is a very chill, laid-back song that I can just groove to. I think the background music of this song is very interesting because I get both an acoustic and electronic feel from it. This group in general has really nice vocals, nice rappers, and they show-off a very fun vibe. However, there was just something about this song that didn’t totally work for me in terms of this album. Individually, I think this song is good, and the message is very similar to all of their other songs. There was just something that didn’t sit right with me when it came to the cohesion of the whole album, and I’m someone that ranks with their feelings.

Rating = 6.7/10

9. Bling Like This

Bling Like This is SUCH a fun song. I really like the opening, and I love these types of music videos. My favorite music videos are the goofy, personal ones that are more on the seemingly effortless side of things. I love it when I can see the members just being themselves and having fun with each other. The scrapbook-like beginning is also really cute. I won’t lie, my heart thumped a little when Hyunsuk (he was the first rapper I think? He was the guy who sang, “Spotlight.”) came in. The other rap parts were quite different when it comes to the color of the song, and I’m still unsure how I feel about it. This music video is definitely going in my favorite MVs playlist though.

Rating = 7.1/10

8. BOY

The vocals in BOY just really astound me. They sound so clean, and of course, that’s expected since this is their debut and a song with an official MV. I really like the tune of the beginning verse, and the verses are probably the reason I like this song so much. The chorus is fine, but songs that contain a chorus with only a few words in it and then background music are usually not my favorite songs. I will probably be saying this way too much when it comes to TREASURE, but I really like how their rappers fit together. I think it works really well when a group contains both a deep voice and a higher voice rapper. Also, Doyoung (the guy in the room with the smiley face balloons) looks super cute in this MV haha.

Result = 7.3/10

7. Going Crazy

Going Crazy is just a really pleasant song to listen to. It also gives me a lot of American music vibes. When I first heard this song, it honestly reminded me of early Justin Bieber for some reason, especially the chorus. This song kind of gives me a cutesy-cool feel, and it keeps making me want to smile. I really like the rap part towards the very end, but that little beat of silence between Hyunsuk’s part (first rapper) and Haruto’s part (second rapper) always throws me off. I keep thinking that Haruto should come in sooner!

Results = 7.7/10


Ya know, I feel like I LOVE YOU is that one song where you know it probably shouldn’t be this high on the list…but it is. I don’t know why, but I find this song kind of charming. This is also a song where I find enjoyment in the tiniest things. I love when the guy in the beginning with a bunch of emojis around him, Junkyu, does that wave motion with his hands when he sings, “Yeah.” I also think it’s hilarious when all the guys are together in their white shirts with a heart on the front and will echo what one of the guys just sang. The chorus is in the same realm as BOY, but I think the wave of water is super cool! The rapping also makes me very happy in this song along with that kiss on the cheek that I just saw!!!

Result = 7.7/10

5. MMM

MMM is one of those songs that I was really into when it first came out. I used to listen to it a ton, but I don’t that much anymore. I still think it’s a pretty cool song though. In the first verse, Haruto is doing his thing, but my favorite part is actually the voice in the background echoing what he’s saying haha. I also like it when they repeat things like, “D-day day day day day day.” This chorus is also similar to the other ones that have a minimal chorus, but I like watching them all flip over when the guy in the middle pretends he’s holding a gun and shooting in a circle.

Results = 8/10

4. Orange

Now, let’s slow things down with ORANGE. This is a very peaceful, soft song. I love the chorus. I think it should be used in a K-drama if I’m being honest. We are reaching the point in this blog where I might end up saying less even though this song is higher on my list. I feel like I always have less to say the higher on the list we get. I think the rapping is really nice in this song because it grounds the song a little bit. The vocals are really soft and pretty, and the rapping makes it deeper and gives it a darker tone. I’m also such a sucker for music videos that have all the members singing together in a very heartwarming way.

Result = 8/10

3. Slow Motion

Slow Motion is another song that I think would be a beautiful K-drama song. I love the melody of this song, and it’s just really heartfelt. I really like Yoshi’s part and the rhythm/ note progression of his verse. Haha I’m not actually sure if that’s the correct word usage. I think that their vocals are subtly presented in this song. Like I’ve already said so many times, I appreciate the change in color that the rappers bring. I love the chorus a lot when they sing, “Slow motion.” I’m not positive if I truly love the ending and how they’re all singing together. I’m sure that if they make a video for this song like they did for ORANGE though, I’d probably love the ending.

Result = 8.1/10

2. Come To Me

I think selfie version MVs are my new favorite kind of MVs haha. They’re both creative and effortlessly fun. I love seeing the members being silly and cute with each other. I don’t know what the members were doing to Jeongwoo, but I laugh every time (0:52 when they were messing with his clothes haha). I love the part right after Jeongwoo’s part, too. I think I just really like it when they sing something that sounds kind of fast and the notes are in small intervals which just means that the actual music notes aren’t that far apart. I think the concept of this video is pretty cool with all the computer effects. Overall, this song and MV bring me pure joy whenever I listen/ watch them.

Results = 8.5/10

1. My Treasure

I really appreciate My Treasure because of its intentions. They made this song, and probably the whole album, because they wanted to cheer people up. After this year, I’ll always appreciate it when groups try to do that. The chorus is quite reassuring while also being catchy, and I also find it interesting that this song changes color and the vibe so many times throughout the whole thing. I do really love the part where there are a bunch of kids/teens, and there’s light inside of their hearts. The “Never Give Up” part melts my heart. I love that this song is a reminder that we’re all special, we’re all gems, we’re all treasure.

Result = 8.6/10

Thank y’all for checking out my blog, and I hoped you enjoyed this ranking of TREASURE’s first full album! Tell me in the comments below what content do you want me to make next? What was your favorite song from the album? See y’all next time!

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