About Me

Hey everybody, and welcome to my website! Wow, that still sounds so weird to say. My name is Olivia, but some people just call me Liv. I’m just your average, adopted, South Korean teenager living in a small town in the Midwest. I developed this website because I wanted a platform to share my passions and interests with other people. On this website, I plan to mainly focus on books, Kpop, Asian dramas, and anime. During the school year, there will probably be more book and Kpop-related content just because it’s hard to find the time to watch shows. Once in a while, I might review other things, but only time will tell. I have a wide variety of interests, and I’m always willing to try to listen, watch, or read anything once.

If you want to contact me, you can email me at joeolivia7@gmail.com. I’ll link down below my socials.